The Order of Defence
in the Kingdom of Æthelmearc

Sorted by Induction Date & Reign
Sorted by Group
at Time of Induction
Sorted by Name
During the Reign of Timothy II & Gabrielle II
1 - Dorinda Courtenay (Co-Premier), 5/1/2015
2 - Orlando di Bene del Vinta (Co-Premier), 5/15/2015
3 - Quinn Kerr (Co-Premier), 7/18/2015
4 - William Parris 8/5/2015
5 - Benedict Fergus atte Mede 9/27/2015

During the Reign of Tindal II & Etain II
6 - Iago Benetiz 1/18/2016
7 - Annanias (Anias) Fenne 4/2/2016
8 - Bastiano di Jacopo 4/9/2016

During the Reign of Byron & Ariella
9 - Lodovick of Gray's Inn 7/16/2016
10 - Clewin Kupferhelbelinc 8/8/2016

During the Reign of Timothy III & Gabrielle III
11 - Emily of Dunvegan 7/15/2017
7 - Fredeburg von Katzenellenbogen7/15/2017
8 - Eric Grenier de Labarre 8/8/2017


Barony Marche of the Debatable Lands
Clewin Kupferhelbelinc
Fredeburg von Katzenellenbogen
William Parris

Barony of Delftwood
Benedict Fergus atte Mede

Shire of Heronter
Dorinda Courtenay

Shire of Misty Highlands
Annanias (Anias) Fenne

Barony of St. Swithin's Bog
Bastiano di Jacopo
Emily of Dunvegan
Iago Benetiz
Lodovick of Gray's Inn
Quinn Kerr

Shire of Sylvan Glen
Orlando di Bene del Vinta

Barony of Thescorre
Eric Grenier de Labarre

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